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Utah Valley Chamber Statement on Education Funding Stabilization

Steady education funding, investment in infrastructure vital to economy

Provo, UT - March 10, 2020 -  The Utah Valley Chamber released the following statement regarding the state legislative proposal to change the way education is funded in Utah:
The Utah Valley Chamber supports the legislative effort to stabilize education funding and address the structural imbalance in state revenues. Steady education funding that accommodates growth in enrollment and inflation regardless of economic circumstances will be a great benefit to students, who are the state’s future workforce.
In addition, expanding the allowable use of state income tax revenues through a voter approved constitutional amendment is a measured step to give legislators needed budgetary flexibility. To the extent that this proposal frees up General Fund dollars, we urge legislative leadership to prioritize investing in infrastructure that manages growth in Utah Valley, which is increasingly becoming the population and economic growth center for the state.

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