Utah Valley Chamber Releases “Safe to Work” Guidance Document

Best practices to reopen our economy while protecting employees and customers

Provo, UT - April 22, 2020 - In support of the newly released “Utah Leads Together” 2.0 plan, the Utah Valley Chamber today unveiled a collection of best practices to guide the safe and appropriate reopening of the Utah economy.

“Safe to Work” is a best practices guidance document created in consultation with private business, commercial cleaning experts, and local health officials. It offers techniques local businesses can employ to reopen, or continue operations, in a way that protects the health and safety of employees and customers.

“Safe to Work” strongly emphasizes that any reopening of the economy should happen thoughtfully and in accordance with the state’s Utah Leads Together plan, as guided by sound public health data. These best practices in the workplace include social distancing and masks for employees, sanitizing/disinfecting all hard surfaces, staggered working groups and limiting social interaction, and regularly taking temperatures of employees to ensure no one who is sick risks infecting others.

These practices should be employed in conjunction with the color-coded guidance in “Utah Leads Together” 2.0, and in consultation with local and state public health authorities, as appropriate. It urges elected officials to consider businesses following these practices as a model for the phased reopening of our economy. It also offers a robust starting point for the dialogue, recognizing that more information will come out from local and state health authorities, and elected officials.

Please find the full document and additional material at thechamber.org/safetowork.

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