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Utah: One of the Fastest Growing State Economies

Utah: One of the Fastest Growing State Economies

By many measures, Utah is one of the top states in the nation. You can look at the Utah state economy, employment, quality of healthcare, and several other categories. They add up to one amazing measure: Utah is rated as
the #4 state in the country.


Here are just some of the high rankings that Utah has achieved in various categories, compared to the other 50 states, according to US News and World Report:


#1 in employment (job growth, unemployment rate, and labor force participation rate)

#2 in economy

#2 in transportation

#2 in Internet access

#3 in infrastructure

#4 in quality of healthcare

#4 in economic opportunity

#5 in fiscal stability

#6 in higher education


If you’re deciding to move here or thinking of relocating, there are several compelling reasons to choose Utah. We have one of the fastest growing state economies, making Utah an excellent place to build a business. It’s also a quality place to buy a home and raise a family.

Economic Strength

Utah is often rated as one of the top states in which to build a business. The Utah state economy is growing faster than many others, mainly because our businesses collaborate so well with our labor force and our government.


Because of our high-quality education system and an influx of outside talent, we have a growing, well-trained pool of knowledge workers and other employees. That’s perfect for business.


New employers are moving in as well, improving our technology infrastructure. Utah is growing in the categories of software development, big data, cloud computing, life sciences, and even aerospace. There are many opportunities for workers here!

Future Vibrant Growth

We have many reasons to expect Utah’s continued growth. Our citizens are working and voting to secure our future, and Utah is already one of the fastest growing state economies in America.


Quality higher education is available here through Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, University of Utah, Westminster College, and many others. Developing well-educated new workers will continue to make Utah desirable to new businesses and will help us to innovate.


Our roads and other infrastructure features are also being improved to allow easy transportation to world-famous recreational areas. That attracts different types of workers and employers than those in high-technology businesses, diversifying our workforce.


Finally, average income and job availability have increased for workers at all levels of income. This is great for our future, because citizens with stable incomes pay more attention to making wiser choices and investing in the future.


Get the latest information about the Utah state economy by exploring our website and reading our blog.


It’s an exciting time to live in Utah! And the best part? We’re welcoming you to become an active part of our current and future growth.


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