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The Business of Tailgating

The Business of Tailgating


Tailgating has become a popular pastime for sports fans and regular concert-goers, making it a unique opportunity for businesses to reach out to people in their target audience. While you might think that tailgating doesn't work as part of your company's marketing strategy, you might be surprised at just how many different ways you can market your business at tailgating parties.

Network, Network, Network

A lot of people gather for tailgating parties, so attending one gives you the chance to meet new people so you can begin building relationships with potential customers. People tend to be pretty friendly to fellow tailgaters, so don't be afraid to walk up to people and introduce yourself. However, if you're walking up and introducing yourself to others, focus on building good relationships instead of selling your product or service.

Rent Space for a Booth

Did you know that you can rent tailgating space? Consider renting a spot for your company, and then, use your space to set up a booth. If you're selling products out of your booth, you need to make sure you're following any applicable local laws, but if you rent the space to simply hand out promotional information, you shouldn't have any problems. You could also hand out discount coupons to potential customers to use on their first purchase with your business.

Buy Advertising Space

Tailgating has become so popular that companies have started buying advertising space to market to the attendees. Typically, advertisements at tailgating events consist of large banners — because they are easy to hang and remove.

Whether you simply want to purchase ad space for your business or you plan to attend the event in-person to meet more people, tailgating can be great for business. Remember that it's important to stand out from the crowd, though. So don't be afraid to be bold and try new things.

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