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How Spray Paint Can Transform Your Retail Store From Drab to Fab

How Spray Paint Can Transform Your Retail Store From Drab to Fab


Looking to give your retail space a fresh new vibe? Want to freshen up your decor - without breaking the bank?

Investing in a few cans of spray paint is one of the most affordable, effective, and easiest ways to breathe new life into your outdated racks, fixtures, and signage. Available in virtually every color and finishes designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, with a little creativity spray paint can deliver an impressive return on investment for your retail space.

Freshen Up Your Furnishings

Give your retail racks, display cases, and countertops a fresh look with a coat of spray paint. Because today's spray paint comes in specialty formulations for everything from wood to metal and plastics, you can quickly give low-priced, ready-made furnishing a custom look.

Replace Window Coverings With Frosted Glass Spray Paint

While curtains, blinds, and drapes work well to conceal storage spaces, diffuse direct sunlight, and provide privacy for dressing rooms, they can also be tough to keep clean in a busy retail space.

Frosted glass spray paint makes it easy to reduce the transparency of any indoor glass surface in a way that's clean, modern, and attractive. This innovative spray paint product looks great on everything from glass tabletops to glass storage cabinet doors, and because it still allows some light in, it's great for spaces where you want to achieve privacy without blocking out the light.

Metallic Spray Paint

If you love the look of bronze, stainless steel, or matte nickel, be sure to check out the latest in metallic spray paints. These eye-catching paints are great for adding a touch of class to everything from door hardware to light fixtures and table tops, giving you the tools you need to upgrade what you already own.

Although metallic spray paints do cost more than most spray paints, they're still a bargain when you compare the cost with buying a ready-made fixture with the same finish.

Use Stencils For A Custom Look

Remember, most types of spray paint work well with stencils, giving you a low-cost way to add your business name or logo to everything from your front door to wall clocks and chairs. You can create your own custom stencils following the directions here, or contact your local sign shop to have some professional stencils made.

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